Cars 3 Mater Tow Truck

He pulls up to 200lbs!

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With the Cars 3 movie coming out in June, there are a whole bunch of new Cars 3 toys available now and later this year. A couple of days ago, Sphero announced the availability of the Ultimate Lightning McQueen remote control robotic car, but in this preview I will discuss a toy based on one of my favorite characters from the Cars movies – Mater the Tow Truck.

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Tow Mater has over 50 sounds and phrases, and his voice is just like the ‘real’ Mater in the movie. The (plastic) tow chain includes two hooks so it is easy to hook up and pull things. This toy requires 6x C batteries which are NOT included (item descriptions on Amazon and Target say otherwise).


The vehicle has two modes – Turbo mode and Pull/Push Mode. In Turbo mode, Mater is rather fast. Pull/Push Mode gives him a slow but steady speed allowing him to push and pull heavy loads.

As you can see from the first image in the slideshow above, this is a pretty large vehicle! Per the packaging, it has the ability to push and pull a weight of up to 200 lbs!  That sounds like a pretty hefty claim, but video evidence posted by YouTube channel Show and Tell Toys shows Tow Truck Mater pulling two kids on a skateboard! Imagine that!

It is also evident from the video that this toy is pretty powerful in terms of push and pull – just look how hard it can crash into things. So definitely not a toy for the little ones; they could get seriously hurt. The manufacturer has labeled it appropriate for ages 6+.

The only thing I wish this car had is the option to steer it either manually or via remote control. It appears to go only straight, which somewhat limits playability.

Because of the size, speed, power and interactive capabilities this Tow Mater has, the retail price of $59.95 is very reasonable. This looks like a real fun toy that will definitely be greatly appreciated by any kid that’s a Cars fan.

The Cars 3 Max Tow Mater is available now at Amazon ($59.95) and Target ($59.95)

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  1. Lisa Hopkins-Ratliff // July 6, 2017 at 9:40 am // Reply

    Are the tires suppose to feel flat while it is in the box?


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