LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

An Epic LEGO Ideas set

LEGO is about to unleash an iconic set from the LEGO Ideas collection. The NASA Apollo Saturn V set looks amazing. The 1:110 scale model contains 1969 pieces – a nod to the year in which the Apollo 11 moon landing was accomplished – and is the largest LEGO Ideas set created so far. Once built, the rocket stands over 3 feet (100 cm) tall and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The set’s age target group is 14+ but I’m sure younger kids would love this set as well.


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The rocket is not just a solid model, but can actually be separated into its different stages, and displayed as such using the three included stands.


The stages are per the actual Saturn V Apollo configuration specs (source: NASA MSFC History Office).


Also included are a lunar lander, Apollo Spacecraft splash-down model as well as three micro-figure astronauts. The build instructions book also includes a nice informational / educational section about the Apollo program.


The set of images above includes an actual picture of the Apollo 11 splash down in 1969. Source: Apollo Comes Home – NASA). The LEGO design team and original IDEAS fan designers Felix Stiessen (17!) from Austria and Valerie Roche did an amazing job putting this together.

The completed model stands over 36″ tall (100 cm) and is as impressive as the size of the real Saturn V rockets.


I have experienced the awe of standing next to a real Saturn V rocket at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and it’s breathtaking. It’s hard to capture in an image, but I tried:



Officially this iconic LEGO IDEAS set will be available for order at the LEGO store for $119.99, starting June 1st but some folks got theirs early so there’s already some build videos out there. Here’s a decent one (except for the “Saturn vee” part, lol).

Some of the LEGO Ideas sets sell out pretty quickly, and once they do, the price will skyrocket. Toy “scalpers” know this. Even before the official launch date of June 1st, there already are many of these sets listed on Ebay for 1.5x / 2x MSRP, which is unfortunate. So get yours at the LEGO store starting June 1st, while you can.

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