Artsplash Accessory Packs

Pricey add-ons to a unique Art activity

Art Splash Accessory Pack

Artsplash, the winner of ABC’s The Toy Box competition, has been available exclusively at Toys”R”Us for several weeks now. The arts and crafts toy introduces a novel way to create art, using colored liquid and proprietary Artsheets. The Toy Box Artsplash 3d Liquid Art base set is priced at $24.99.

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Here is a video of the inventor of Artsplash – 3D Liquid Art, Ryan Stewart, unboxing the set and completing one of the Artsheets included in the box.

The toy comes with only 6 different Artsheet designs, which somewhat limits the creativity aspect of it. I mean, how many times can you make the same flower in different colors before it gets old? It seems that this was done on purpose because, guess what, now you can buy accessory packs with three (yes, only 3) Artsheets each. The add-on packs cost $10.99 (ouch).

The three different Artsheet Accessory Packs that are available are:

  1. Geoffrey (Geoffrey the Giraffe, a peacock and an island)
  2. Castle (a crown, a unicorn and a castle)
  3. Dinosaur (a spaceship, a beetle and a dinosaur)

I think the limited amount of Artsheets in the base Artsplash kit, the ridiculous price-point and immediate availability of the accessory packs that only have 3 designs each, combined, are exhibit A for one of the main reasons this arts and crafts kit won the toy competition; The mark-ups are probably really good.

As a somewhat creative person, I think ArtSplash is brilliant and unique. I can see the appeal. I can see how for even adults, using the water droppers to color in a pre-defined set of shapes can be a peaceful, zen-like activity.

But the price for especially the Artsheet add-on packs is way out there, and makes my state of mind much less zen-like.

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  1. Please don’t forget to mention that the solution tubes come half-full!


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