Pre-Bot KickStarter Campaign

Adorable wooden robots for younger kids

One of the contestants on ABC’s The Toy Box, Pre-Bot, is about to launch a KickStarter campaign in an effort to get their awesome looking wooden robot toys on the shelves. On the show, they did make it to the second round in the episode they were in, but unfortunately did not make it through to the finals.

For me, Pre-Bot was one of the favorites, because it is a real toy in its classic definition (so, not an outdoor game, or arts and crafts set), and the design of the characters is very appealing. I liked loved them the moment I saw them.


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Pre-Bot currently has four friends called Shape-Bots; Circ-Bot, Rec-Bot, Square-Bot and Tri-Bot. These bots are interchangeable; you can take them apart and mix them up to design your own quirky robot. The interchangeable aspect of these wooden robot toys promotes manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, creativity and enables open play.

A Pre-bot book, titled Pre-Bot Learns not to Hurt, is also available. In it, Pre-Bot observes his owner Timmy mess with and hurt his little brother and learns from this. He thinks that messing with people is fun. After coming home from school, Timmy notices Pre-Bot’s behavior and realizes he has not been a good example and that bullying and hurting others is not acceptable behavior. Lessons learned.

Pre-Bot Learns not to Hurt - Book

The book accompanying Pre-Bot

Last but not least, Pre-Bot also has an app for Android and iOS. This app has been around for a couple of years and includes puzzles, matching games, and the book. The base app is free, and to unlock all of the contents (including the digital version of the book Pre-Bot Learns not to Hurt), there is a $0.99 in-app purchase option.

It looks like Pre-Bot, once available in retail, has plenty of opportunity to expand the brand with additional interchangeable wood robot models (Diamond-Bot? Oval-Bot?) and educational stories in the form of digital and print books.

I’m excited to see what the KickStarter campaign will do!

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