Captain Underpants Toys

Selling out everywhere!

Captain Underpants: The First Epic movie started playing in theaters last weekend, and so far it is doing well with a better-than-projected box office performance, grossing almost $24 million domestically in its opening weekend. The movie has led to an apparent surge in the demand for Captain Underpants toys, and it looks like they are out of stock already in many a place.

Captain Underpants, the brain child of Dav Pilkey, has entertained kids (and adults) for almost 20 years now, so I would expect this movie to do well, and I would expect the demand for Captain Underpants toys to remain strong throughout the summer and beyond when the Blu-Ray and digital versions come out.

It seems though, that not many toy companies have created and released toys to coincide with the movie release. In fact, most of the toys I could find were created by only one company, Just Play Toys, and they don’t even have the toys listed on their website.

Things that make you go hmm.


Captain Underpants Action Figures

Just Play created a set of action figures, featuring Captain Underpants, George, Harold, Professor PoopyPants and a Talking Toilet. These are probably the most sought after since they are so playable. Action figures rule.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not sure why they decided to include a Hypno Ring in each of the figure’s packages, but OK it does not hurt to have a couple extra. These toys should retail for $9.99 or less. Most stores already sold out of these. If they have them in stock, they typically only have a few left, and the prices are jacked up like so (Toy Wiz):

Nope - these should retail for less than $10.00

Tra-La-Laa! NOPE – these should retail for less than $10.00

I guess that’s what they call opportunity.

Stock comes and goes, so if you’re looking for these check for availability on Amazon, Toys”R”US, or Toy Wiz


Captain Underpants Talking Plush

Also by the company Just Play, is a series of talking plush toys, with the same character lineup as the action figures.

Each of these has a tab you can pull and the character will say some phrases from the movie. For the Captain Underpants plush, the description says

When you pull on the tab on his underwear and give him a wedgie he says hysterical phrases from the film!

Fun and games 🙂

Again, these should retail for $9.99 or less but due to supply and demand, some stores are selling them for $20.00 and up. Toys”R” Us does not do this, but they do not currently have them in stock.

Captain Underpants Plush

Toys”R”Us does not price gouge (thank you!)

They are sold out / not in stock, but if you’re looking for these just regularly check for availability on Amazon, Toys”R”US, or Toy Wiz

The video below, by the Tubey Toys YouTube channel, shows the plush toys in action, as well as the talking toilet.

Funko POP figures

Funko Pop has released two figures for the Captain Underpants movie so far

These are currently available at Amazon for more or less normal prices. GameStop also carries them. The pink Professor PoopyPants is an exclusive, limited edition version, and I have only seen it at Toy Wiz.

There are some other toys as well as games available, I’ll discuss these in a later post.

In conclusion, it looks like toy manufacturers have underestimated the popularity of Captain Underpants. How – with more than 70 million books sold worldwide – I don’t understand, but I guess they all had their own reasons for not producing any Captain UnderPants toys.

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