About TechDad & Crew

TechDad’s Toy Reviews is a site about toys. It’s that simple. On this site you will find reviews, recommendations and rants.

TechDadTechDad lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and three kids. An IT Professional for 20 years, he is mainly interested in STEM toys, coding, robots. He loves goofy stuff. Minions are his heroes; he always carries some bananas around in case one shows up unexpectedly. His Dad jokes have placed him on the receiving end of many a death-stare.

The rest of the crew involved with this site:

TechMomTechMom was testing ‘internet telephony’ software back when that was the new hype, and then E-Learning software, when that was the hype. She has been a SAHM for a while now. Apparently has ten hidden arms and four brains to keep track of and deal with school, after school, sports, doctors, “I’m hungry”, “help me”, “how do I”, “I don’t understand”, “Moooooom”.

TechGirlTechGirl is 12 years old. Loves to read, write, draw. Addicted to Japanese Anime. Crunchy Roll is probably her home page. Stray Pearler Beads from her projects regularly make an appearance in the vacuum cleaner. #1 fan of TechDad’s Dad jokes. Loves her pet Gecko. Needs to start getting serious about coding. She does not think so.

TechboyTechBoy is 10 years old. Loves to play video games on his Xbox One, soccer, basketball, outdoor activities, MineCraft, Roblox, creating videos for his YouTube channel. His go-to toys are remote controlled things. His drones tend to land on roofs or high up in a tree. His favorite family members are probably our dogs. Proud owner of a fidget spinner.

TechKidTechKid is 8 years old. Loves Roblox, taking stuff apart, Roblox, cars, Roblox, robots and, you guessed it, Roblox. His quick wit frequently takes us by surprise. He is the funny guy of the family; pranks are his thing. He loves his pet hamster, but does not like cleaning its cage. Awesome toy tester. Still likes My Little Pony but does not want to admit it.