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TechDad lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and three kids. An IT Professional for 20 years, he is mainly interested in STEM toys, coding, robots. He loves goofy stuff. Minions are his heroes; he always carries some bananas around in case one shows up unexpectedly. His Dad jokes have placed him on the receiving end of many a death-stare.

Captain Underpants Toys

June 5, 2017

Captain Underpants: The First Epic movie started playing in theaters last weekend, and so far it is doing well with a better-than-projected box office performance, grossing [...]


May 29, 2017

Several weeks ago DFRobot launched their Kickstarter campaign for the BOSON Kit, a coding-free set of modular electronic building blocks designed for young inventors and [...]

Cars 3 Mater Tow Truck

May 28, 2017

With the Cars 3 movie coming out in June, there are a whole bunch of new Cars 3 toys available now and later this year. A couple of days ago, Sphero announced the [...]